Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Driving with the windows down, the volume up and screaming at unknowing pedestrians. Running barefoot on scorching asphalt, cutting mangoes and eating them inside-out. Getting away with wearing singlets over bikinis and nothing else. Hiding wandering eyes behind oversized sunglasses and broad-rimmed hats. The smell of sunscreen and salt-breeze, the feeling of walking from thirty degree heat into air-conditioning. Hot fish and chips and ice-cold coke cans. Taking cold showers and feeling absolutely beached.

1. Polignano, kind of magical place, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled
Spring means faded sun-bleached photographs and streaks of light over smiling photos, jumping on the beach and sunrises that make the day better even if you sleep through them. The above photos are works from ILOVETHATPHOTO. They're an online photography magazine showcasing interviews and works of independent photographers from all around the world - a beach from italy, faded pink houses, wine and cigarettes on a coffee table and tall grass and dark hoods. You can feel the heat already no?

Este primavera que va a hacer?

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Besides the spanish football team these are my favourite five spanish-related things of the moment. Nom nom nom.... or in spanish... nom nom nom.... !

1. See: Sin Nombre [ Without name ] A movie about gangs, love lost, the all too often fatal journey of people from central america to Mexico to cross to the US, scared boys masquerading as men hiding behind guns and tattoos, the loss of innocence and the ties that bind us and latin-american thugs as young as eleven. It reminds me a bit of City of God and yes, I watched it and cried. SOFT i know! If nothing else but to see if you can keep the water-works at bay better than I can this is a Must-See....

2.  Spanish Community Rap - just because its funny and pretty much how us non-spanish speakers like to study..

3. Caramel churros at Churros Corner, Main Street. que delicioso! It's run by a small Argentinian family who are really friendly and everytime I go in it seems to have a lot of spanish-speakers speaking in dramatic tones - I admit I secretly love to eavesdrop and see how much spanish I can grasp [which isnt much], pretend I'm in Spain or South America and bite into the most amazing caramel churros known to man and the universe and the occasional crispy empanada. AMAZE.

4. Listen: 'Poli' by Mexican band Zoe
Above is the link to the music - I couldn't embed it because it's copyrighted but below is the video just in case anyway, its a remixed version which i dont particularly care for but the original video & music me encanta!

5. Tapas on Oxford street at Cantina Bar & Grill,
Perfectly cooked chorizo sausage, grilled haloumi cheese, mushrooms with garlic and parsley, spicy lemon calamari, spanish meatballs .. the list goes on.. all washed down with a few glasses of sangria and of course, because i am a grandma, some peppermint tea. nom nom nom!

Casi siempre quiero estar en Espana todavia... pero por esto momento estas cinco cosas me hacen feliz!  Espero que tu fin de semana fue hermoso!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The days aren't getting any warmer despite the calendar end of winter approaching, it's almost the end of August but temperature wise the mercury doesn't seem to be rising. The sun seems to want to stay out longer and it's feeling like those chilly sun-drenched Autumn days, not yet mango eating weather. I ventured out to the park with my brother and sister on the pretense of 'exercising' although I ended up taking photos instead - only with impending bikini weather will the body-boot-camp begin - until then I'm still gorging on walnut brownies and midnight big-breakfasts. This is what I did instead of getting beaten by my little sister in soccer and being outrun by my big brother who for all intents and purposes should not be fitter than me.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've been procrastinating and putting off this first post because I wanted to write something "cool" for my first post, wanted it to mean something, to get people going - to have some epic beginning. But after realising that this is a blog, not a university assignment, I thought I'd cut myself some slack and just get the ball rolling.

Starting something can often be the hardest part, and I thought for now this is how I'm going to start my blog - not knowing what exactly I'm doing - but doing anyway. Doing anything in the public eye (even if it's on the internet and behind laptops and computer rather than face-to-face or a crowded room) is daunting - but evidently this blog is just a blog. It's what I think, what I want to share and what's got me stressed, annoyed, happy, excited or completely fixated.

1. WHaT? BeNCH MoNDaY? oHHHH Noooo, uNCLe, I JuMP........, 2. Jump!, 3. I Wanna Jump at the Sun!, 4. lazy summer jump

And just like that, I'm jumping into the great big unknown !