Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've been procrastinating and putting off this first post because I wanted to write something "cool" for my first post, wanted it to mean something, to get people going - to have some epic beginning. But after realising that this is a blog, not a university assignment, I thought I'd cut myself some slack and just get the ball rolling.

Starting something can often be the hardest part, and I thought for now this is how I'm going to start my blog - not knowing what exactly I'm doing - but doing anyway. Doing anything in the public eye (even if it's on the internet and behind laptops and computer rather than face-to-face or a crowded room) is daunting - but evidently this blog is just a blog. It's what I think, what I want to share and what's got me stressed, annoyed, happy, excited or completely fixated.

1. WHaT? BeNCH MoNDaY? oHHHH Noooo, uNCLe, I JuMP........, 2. Jump!, 3. I Wanna Jump at the Sun!, 4. lazy summer jump

And just like that, I'm jumping into the great big unknown !

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