Monday, September 6, 2010


Tattooligist, Sarah Connor - Terminator, hardtoexplain, Lady Gaga, Scarlett O'Hara - Gone with the Wind

Sometimes it's hard to write without caring what people think. Let's be honest - isn't everyone a little scared being laughed at? In the vein of September.. this is a bit of a love-in for pictures of fearlessness and people I wish I was and whose hardcore middle-finger-up-at-the-world attitude has helped me shake off the nerves,  harden up and face the world front-on.

In the words of Christina Yang 'Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature. Be better than anyone here, and don't give a damn what anyone thinks. There are no teams here, no buddies. You're on your own. Be on your own.'

What gives you courage?

Traduccion: A veces es dificil a escribir sin importar lo que la gente piensa. Honestamente - todas personas tienen un poco miedo de que se rieran de otras personas. Este September... esto es un poco de amor por fotos que muestran la falta de miedo y personas que quiero ser como.. 

lo que te da coraje?


  1. No tengas miedo!
    (un blog genial!)

  2. amazing this post!! love the gaga picture!! :D so we follow u!! look our and if you like it, follow us!! :D



  3. LOVE that tattoo!! and great words by Christina- gotta love Grey's anatomy! xxxx

  4. Muchisimas gracias! Thanks to all of you- it means a lot :) I've just visited all of your blogs and they are great and all very different! LOVE ! XX