Saturday, September 4, 2010


words &  pictures by me
From the window-seat of the jeepnie you can see the laundry hung along the side of the road on thin rope or wire tied from tree to pole. Bright basketball singlets and faded tshirts fly in the wind, like humble buddhist prayer flags. You pass half-finished concrete houses still under construction, yet already filled with young children and stray dogs. The smell of diesel spews from the overloaded tricycles, a hazy smoke that you breathe in and never seem to get rid of.

You see a town made in your own likeness, of your own flesh and blood. It's you sitting on the dirt road, playing with sticks and throwing rocks as part of some childs game. You're the one chewing beetle nut by a concrete house, leaving blood-stains on the dirt. You're the lady bent over the greenest stems of rice you had ever seen, working all day in the rice fields. You're the crying baby being rocked in the sling on the back of the five-year-old girl with a grubby smile and no shoes. It's a town you don't remember but can't forget. A town of tapered rice paddies and pastel-painted churches and schools. A town of few back-packers and many locals. A town with people who's language you can't understand, but whose faces speak volumes. You were born here, in this town called Banaue.

Banaue is probably the first place I should start with for September - Places I love, not just because that's where my life began but because there's a lot to love there. It's about an eight hour drive from Manila, and a rocky, windy, long one too. But if you ever get the chance to go to the Philippines I suggest you check it out - I might have a little bias - but it's definitely worth the trek!


  1. *ahem I took those photos, but the words are defs yours. haha

  2. AHH u so did not! u took like 2 of them!