Wednesday, September 1, 2010


 lelove & researchtattoos
This september is going to be a love-fest. Spring, speaking purely in animal kingdom terms, is when the hormones get going, the mating rituals begin and every man and his dog seems to embark on the season-long love fest. In light of this, I'm going to do my best to send my love to all those things that I'll be loving this September.

I've begun it by sending a bit of love to those whose photos, writing, blogs, sites, projects or work I have admired over the years or even just recently but never had the guts to say - doe-eyed and nervous I've already been surprised that - what do you know - they sent a bit of love back too!

This first week will be full of postcards of love to places in the world I love and have been luckily enough to have been to. And the next post is a place appropriate for all things spring-ish and new - Where better to start than the beginning? 

Spread the spring-love-fest this September - What are you loving?


  1. ah - i feel the same way about book on a window sill. what a pretty blog,


  2. I love it! No pun intended, but I love (there goes that word again) seeing and reading positivity on the web. There is so much negativity in the world, lets spread some.... (you guessed it) love!

    BTW, I am going to write something today and site your blog.

  3. @cinta/sepi/sayu thanks it means a lot, i really love ur blogs too :)

    @ninjagaiden78 great to hear you like it, get a bit nervous writing things sometimes cause my blogs so new so big thanks!