Saturday, September 18, 2010


All images : Elvis & Annabelle

This weekend I spent eating ice-cream by a lake, being sprayed unexpectedly by waves in Cave Beach and lying with my feet dangling  over the pier while the sun poured down in buckets. I spent hours on a train with the scenes out the window changing from buildings and suits to graffiti and houses to a large canyon and a lake littered with yachts and dingy boats and finally to a small town past the central coast of Sydney. It was banana pancakes for breakfast and falling asleep on bunk-beds. Laughing over a recently acquired pet and fish and chips for dinner. Memories in the making.

The place and the weather kind of reminds me of this movie that I love - Elvis & Annabelle, sunflowers and beaches and a slow-drawling Texas town. It's dark and moody but is amazingly light and filled with smiles. If you get the chance to watch it you definitely should, its not what you would expect at all and exactly that good kind of surprise. How was your weekend?

Viernes es mi dia favorita.. y sabado tambien.. y no puedo olvidar Domingo! ¿Cómo fue tu fin de semana? ¿Qué recuerdos hiciste?


  1. No me lo leí todo, porque no se algunas de las palabras jaja
    me gustan mucho tus fotos!
    cada minuto de felicidad de este fin de semana permanecerá en mis recuerdos.
    un beso, me gusta tu blog :)

  2. Great pics :D
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  3. Unas fotos muy bonitas como siempre..
    ¿mi fin de semana?
    Con mi niña de 8 meses...disfrutando de cada minuto que paso con ella....


  4. @Belen - esta bien, no puedo entender todas las palabras en espanol ajaja! Podemos aprender juntos!

    @ Frederica thanks for stopping by !

    @M Diario+Chic - gracias, Me alegra saber que hayas disfrutado tu fin de semana, especialmente con tu nina, Ninos son magicos!