Saturday, September 4, 2010


1. natalie portman 2. Brittany Murphy & Alicia Silverstone 3. Kate Moss & Johnny Depp 4. Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt 5. Drew Barrymore 6. Julia Styles & Heath Ledger 7. Heath Ledger

"In the idealism of youth, a person sees truth. In it he or she possesses riches that he or she should not exchange for anything.We must all be aware of the fact that life wants to rob us of faith in the good and true, and our enthusiasm for it. But we need not relinquish it." - Albert Schweitzer

"If there is no love in the world, we will make a new world, and we will give it walls, and we will furnish it with soft, red interiors, from the inside out, and give it a knocker that resonates like a diamond falling to a jeweller's felt so that we should never hear it. Love me, because love doesn't exist, and I have tried everything that does." - Jonathan Safran Foer (Everything is illuminated)


  1. Muchas gracias!
    De verdad vives en Australia? Tienes un castellano perfecto!

  2. Que mona era Drew Barrimore de pequeña!!!!

  3. pure quote

    looking back at these pictures reminds me of my past, oh how it was so pure and sweet, the older we are the more we learn about this world and the less innocent everything becomes once our minds have been filled with wisdom.

  4. @M muchisimas gracias :)
    @missmyfish si, lo pienso tambien!
    @moi thanks for the lovely words :)