Friday, October 22, 2010

One whole year goes by in a blink

Nat Geo Adventure - Departures

Whenever I watch Departures I get the itch to pack my bags, book a round-the-world ticket, run out the door and never look back. 'One whole year goes by in a blink'. The views, places, cinematography and soundtrack never fail to make my jaw hit the floor and I get this burning feeling that I want to be as awesome as them. It makes me excited to go to Spain for a year, to travel, to take amazing videos and photographs and share them here with you all - and spread the travel-bug if you haven't already got it! Well, not sure how fast a year goes but starting January I'll let you know.. !

PS. There's a song that has been driving me crazy that I can't find anywhere that goes 'We walk on melting snow, inside making fire and tea, I met you while I was wondering, we've seen many worlds since then' - It's on the commercials for Departures and Nat Geo Adventure - If anyone knows what the song is called you'd be putting me out of my misery!


  1. Hi Grace
    I don't know this group =/
    But sounds interesting
    Have a nice weekend

  2. A year really does go by, soon you will be graduating and will will be wondering where all the time went.

    Love your blog!

  3. ive been looking for the song too, any clues yet?

  4. unfortunately no :( I'm dying to know!

  5. ah, looking for the song led me to your blogpost. I don't think I'll ever find out...but if I do I'll sure be to share it with you.

  6. The song you are looking for is called 'Secrets' by Alexa Woodward :)

  7. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU JUST SAVED MY LIFE!!!!! cannot thankyou enough!!