Tuesday, October 5, 2010



I'm kind of a big believer in creating change (and as much as I hate to sound like an Australian Election Campaign) I'm big on 'Moving Forward' and 'Real Action'. For me this week has been about making the big calls. I decided I had learned all I could at the internship I've been at for almost six months, and I said yes to a big fat scary unknown of an opportunity that will see me on the opposite side of the country away from friends and family during Christmas and New Years doing something I've always wanted to do. It's a stones-throw away from what I've been doing and a massive leap towards what I want to be doing. And of course, I wanted to let you all know first.

Because I'm one of those lame Awesome people with motivational post-it-notes stuck on my mirror that have quotes like 'Action cures fear' and 'Do one thing that scares you everyday' in large permanent marker so that everytime I catch myself feeding my own vanity by looking into the mirror I get a little life-coaching in the same hit. I have this feeling I know that it really only takes one person to tell you its OK to go for it, to dream big, to dare to imagine and to jump into the expansive unknown - or to see somebody else live it - to give others permission to do the same. Whatever it is, again, I'm telling you - what are you waiting for??

All the best things are scary - wouldn't you know it!

(they're also awesome, larger-than-life and will rock your world... not a bad trade off don't you think?)

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