Saturday, October 2, 2010


'New Orleans is a siren of a city. A place of fables and illusion. A place Lorraine had to escape from and Bobby and I had to escape to. Away from Alabama, away from lives that no longer belong to us.'
All images: A Love Song for Bobby Long 2004

I have an affinity for American novels and movies in and about the South, and this low-key number is one I bought on dvd a few years ago and never tire of watching. I've shared my movie-crush on Blake Lively's indie film 'Elvis & Annabelle' - all about the unexpected in a sleepy Texas town - and with A Love Song for Bobby Long continues my great love affair with the South.

The southern drawl and the way everyone seems to have the small-town blues is something that I'm drawn to and honestly a little in love with. Visiting New Orleans, hitting up a jazz festival or two and wandering around the southern states of America is on my to-do list - and for good reason. The opening credits of this movie alone draw me right in, John Travolta and Scarlett Johanssen are incredible in this film and again - another one more than worth seeing.

'Some people reach a place in time where they've gone as far as they can. A place where wives and jobs collide with desire. That which is unknowable and those who remain out of sight. See what is invisible and you will see what to write. That's how Bobby used to put it. It was the invisible people he wanted to live with. The ones that we walk past everday, the ones we sometimes become. The ones in books who live only in someones mind's eye. He was a man who was destined to go through life and not around it. A man who was sure the shortest path to Heaven was straight through Hell. But the truth of his handicap lay only in a mind both exalted and crippled by too many stories and the path he chose to become one. Bobby Long's tragic flaw was his romance with all that he saw. And I guess if people want to believe in some form of justice, then Bobby Long got his for a song.'


  1. "Bobby Long's tragic flaw was his romance with all that he saw."
    There is so much things in my life that I fall in love only by see that read a phrase like this put me in a sad mood.

  2. hey grace:)
    I like to find awesome photoshoots with models I absolutely adore. These I found at! I just type in her name and photoshoots appear:) I'm loving the photoshoot with micky/minnie mouse aswell!! 'editorial' but still fun and playful! exactly how I like it:)


  3. what are you taking in school right now? ahaha, i'm a bit scared to go to straight into university anyways...

  4. i love this film too. ;) scarlet is brilliant here!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  5. i still have no clue what i want to do with my life, my plan last year was go straight into uni from high school to take on medical school, but i don't want to do that anymore.

    those are such great courses! i love learning different languages