Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tastes so sweet

Last week it was one of my best friend's 21st birthday. We took her out to a small cafe/restaraunt in Glebe for Brunch. It was a really cool place where they had office chairs and served all day breakfast. Me and her have a slight obsession with canadian breakfast or midnight pancakes - you could say breakfast is our favourite meal for anytime other than morning. Afterwards, while it started to drizzle, under the cover of umbrellas we browsed through the stalls of recycled books and vintage denim, hand-made necklaces and assorted jewelery. We went to a Turkish restaraunt and had apple tea (Very sweet but great for the cold weather) and smoked Mint and Strawberry Shish. As University wraps up I'm finding catching up with old friends and delicious food is the order of the day. Three words. Nom nom nom !


  1. These plates look good, especially the tomato and toasted bread.

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  3. ^ what the.

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  4. these look delicious!

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  5. i'm so blessed to have best friends like you :)
    longtimelove <3

  6. Apple tea sounds so nice! never had it but will have to try find some.