Thursday, February 10, 2011

Long walks on the beach, red wine and more thoughts on the good life;

Walking along the beach on the way home from Spanish class this is what I get to see. The clouds that were here when we arrived have vanished and all day everyday the sun comes out and makes us take off our coats and wish we were wearing thongs and summer dresses. Sometimes after uni we get a bottle of red wine and try our hand at spanish, other times we skip the spanish and go straight for the red wine.

There's a lot of things I never said I liked, that here in this city, turns out I don't mind at all. Up until about a 2 weeks ago I swear I wouldn't have taken to being one of those red-wine-drinking stuffed-olive-eating full-on-european-coat wearing people. Two days into Malaga I gave the wine a chance, put a few olives in my mouth and ditched my casual Sydney gear for some camel coloured Zara love.

What this whole year has been about so far is giving everything a chance - whether it's a chance to disappoint, to surprise or to blow everything out of the water. I don't think there's been a day where I haven't spoken to a stranger or met an insane amount of new people, Irish musicians, british english teachers, other Aussie travellers and so many european students from all over.

If there's also one thing that Malaga isn't short on it's musicians. There's a harp player on Calle Larios, a musician that plays on the view point at the old Alcazabar, the Irish lady that belts out gaelic songs in the bar at night, the sprinkling of gypsies whose voices crack into tragic flamenco and pretty much anything else you can think of too.

There are so many adventures on the cards, road trips and bars to go to, hippy beaches and caves in mountains, snow to touch and the mediterranean to dip our toes into when the temperature finally catches up with the sun. In short, Malaga continues to be awesome and I struggle to keep you all informed on the  insane amount of ways it keeps being incredible and surprising.

Though I'll definitely be writing on this more when I can, make more use of my siesta which has so far been filled with some well-deserved sleep (well, I think so anyway!). More tales and details soon... Thanks for reading & hasta luego!

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