Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yesterday is lightyears ago and tomorrow seconds away;

We were having our first dinner party at my apartment the other day, eating cous-cous and drinking red wine when one of the girls said, 'We've almost been here for a month.' My head tilted to the side and even though I knew it was true I felt a little cheated. Where did all the time go? It seemed like we had just left the hostel last week and had only just settled into our apartments. Seemed like yesterday we were  discovering Zara 5 hours after landing in Malaga and celebrating Australia Day for the first time in what was soon to become our regular bar. 

Time keeps stealing away into the dark, cloaked in the smell of gin, sweat and Europe itself. I've lost my memories in one giant mojito made by the Latvian bartender, in Robert Boyd (the name of the bar, not some other random guy) and a haze of eramus students playing guitar, the hilarious 'regulars' and the inevitable amount of random encounters with room-mates and students and anyone looking for a good time. 

I've climbed to the Alcazabar, saw the beaches at Torremolinos, sat on rocks in Nerja and walked 'my' Dog Hendrix to Malagueta. I've talked to the African guy who sells weed to my room-mates, learned how to swear in Russian, practised my Persian with a German Afghani guy, met more Diegos and Alejandros than I have ever thought was possible and have been to every single Zara there is in Malaga (there are 4 :). I've cooked my own meals and gone grocery shopping, found a spanish version of 'Ladette to Ladies' and stuck it out in an intermediate spanish class that at first made me want to cry. 

There's so much that's happened already that it makes me think it couldn't have only been a month.. and on the other hand everything feels too recent to have been weeks ago. Time is strange, here in Malaga. For this reason last week a friend and I sat down near the teatro romano and over some peppermint tea we began a list of things to do while we're here. Every day we discover things we want to do, so many things to see and bars to drink at, restaraunts to eat at, museums to go to and events and festivals and carnivals in this place we now call home. There's no shortage of Must-See Must-Do cosas that here's what we have so far, with the suggestions from a few friends and roomies, no doubt with a lot of things absent. No matter other suggestions welcome too :) Disfrute!

Malaga To Do List

-       Go fishing (and actually catch a fish!)
-       Ride bicycles along the beach
-       Take a bus without knowing where we’re going and get off at the final stop
-       Spend an entire 24 hours speaking Spanish
-       Get something pierced
-       Go to a flamenco class
-       Go to a concert
-       Open air cinema
-       Go on a date
-   Make a killer Paella
-   Go roller-blading along the beach
-       Eat an entire ice-cream tub by the beach
-       Buy something from the vendors
-       Be a Spanish man for a day
-       Confront a Spanish man
-   Actually use the exercise equipment by the beach
-       Watch a bullfight
-       Nude beach
-       Skinny-dipping
-       Watch a movie in Spanish
-       Vespa/scooter riding
-       Buy and read a book in Spanish
-       Have an awesome churro
-       Actually visit the museums in Malaga
-       Get a hair cut at the pelequeria
-   Eat at El Pimpi
-       Learn a song completely in Spanish
-       Make the perfect Spanish omelette
-   Roadtrip to Ronda
-   Clubbing in Marbella
-   Go the cinemas
-   Having drunken spanish macdonalds
-   3 Litre Mojitos for 12 Euros
-       Play Flip Cup and buy 1 litre Mojitos at Shamrock
-       Eat at 100 Montaditos in Plaza Const
-       Go find the chupiteria and buy 1 euro shots
-       Eat "datiles con beicon" at Pepe y Pepa
-      drop 18 euros on a steak at a restaurant called Cladenstines

And the list would have been longer except we made it and then started ticking off things already. We've gone out almost every night for a week, played hooky skipped class and gone for ice-cream at the beach, (The russian got high, we got ice-cream!), went to a drum and bass party, joined the local library (it was exciting, I promise!), I finally heard the Mercadona song my friend kept telling me about and too many things to name or remember. I'm trying to keep a hold on time but it's a slipperly little fella who won't keep still long enough for me to take in a breath. This is my attempt to get a grasp on it and once again let you all know what's going on this side of the hemisphere.

Abrazos y Besos!


  1. Merrrrcaaadddonnnnna
    ah how I miss it

    Skinny dipping at a nudist beach in spain.. oh you'll want to bleach your eyes after that! (Although when I was there I got the impression that it really didn't need to be a nuddy beach for the the oldies to take it off.....)

    I tried to drink a 2L bowl thing of mojito once..never again! seen as you now drink rum apparently (seriously what is going on!) get into the Cacique..I'll be counting on you to bring me back some lady!

    Keep the updates coming lady

  2. WOW grace it definitely looks like you are having an amazing time and that list looks like a lot of fun :)
    hahaha aaww i cant wait to travel more when i graduate, experience what the world has to offer :) <3
    take care :)

  3. Such amazing experiences you're having so far!!! I love that you've made a list and are already making your way through it. Your descriptions of all the places you've visited are fantastic and make me wish I hadn't missed Spain on my own adventures. Can't wait to see what's next! Best of luck!! xx