Friday, March 18, 2011

Enamorada de Granada

This is why I keep coming back. The smell of incense, the dread-locked guitar players, the harem pants, stern faced fortune-telling gypsies, the view of the Alhambra, the white buildings that dot the horizon, the maze of cobble stoned streets, moroccan style teterias, fountains and statues and history written everywhere, graffiti, strawberry shisha, dangerously enticing dessert bars and who could forget the tapas gratis

Málaga feels a bit like Sydney, great weather and that sense of home. Granada is all Melbourne, that vibe you get that everything's just a little bit cooler, there's something in the air. An hour and a half away by bus and a completely different Spain altogether. The accent, the vibe, the people. 

Full of ex-students who have fallen in love and decided to stay, jugglers and street performers, girls making large bubbles in the plaza and her scruffy looking boyfriend asking for money, Moroccan vendors who speak French, Spanish, Arabic and English and make jokes and ask for your number. There are tan leather bags that catch your eye and a mixture of American, english and european twangs that make you turn your head to see who said what. 

Suffice to say, estoy enamorada de Granada. The second love, the enchanting city that steals my interest and a bit of my heart. 


  1. oh darling i wish you could have seen the fogged mountains with me. they were mesmorizing.
    BUT these pictures that you took. they are, they words can decribe them. you have such talented skills with the camera.

    i wish you well

  2. hahaha sounds kinda like india when you describe it like that :L harem pants ;) way to go

    sounds like you're having an amazing time Grace, the wonders you see and experience when travelling and living abroad :)

    takce care <3

  3. oooh i want to see some street performers.

  4. love the photos. i, too, am a travel addict. so many places, so little time, and where the heck is that loads of money in my bank account?! ha ha