Saturday, July 30, 2011

There are places I have not been..

The last time í wrote on here I was by myself, traveling in the south of France. Now, as I write this, Ive two months of backpacks, hostels, overnight trains and buses and ryan air flights behind me. Im not traveling alone anymore and Ive been almost as far away from Spain as you can be without leaving Europe.

I met an old friend in Paris, drank beer and laughed with new friends as the lights on the Eiffel Tower sparkled every hour on the hour until they stopped. In Amsterdam I slept by canals, read books on eating animals and dissenting soldiers in Iraq, spoke over Italian and thai food about materialism and consumption. There too, I said goodbye to one of my first room mates who let me stay in her house and cycled me through the coffee shop filled streets.

Prague was chai lattes with a friend I had no idea would be there and one day where the rain didnt stop and I didnt leave my hostel save to get some goodies from the bakery that went nicely with tea and a Michael Moore book. My first time in Germany was showing up at my hostel in Berlin only to find out Id booked it for the wrong month, having dinner with 3 madrilenos and going on a 4 hour walking tour, in spanish.

In Greece we played drinking games, did push ups and chin ups, went on a boat ride to cliff jump and snorkel and relax on a beach all to ourselves. We rented quad bikes and drove along the coast, in Santorini to the town of Oia which stole our words and was impossibly still and quiet that early morning the same day we were leaving. There were no clouds in the sky and I wrote post cards on the ferry that I would leave in Athens.

Now theres only just over a month of traveling left before I head back to Spain, back to language classes and finding a new apartment and the second half of the rest of my life in a bubble. Where did the time go and why does it feel like there are too many places I havent been.. Its true what they say, travel so far for so long and you forget why youd ever want to stop.



  1. I wish we could head back to Europe soon! This post made me more excited. Happy trails, Grace.

  2. I've just arrived from my holidays in the south of France :)
    I really love this pic of Rio, I wish go there someday!!

  3. Yes, it is try what they say. But I do hear of this thing called "home sick-ness" please do get it by end of Jan so you can finally come home.

    Can't wait to travel with you sis!
    Xo B