Monday, November 28, 2011

Such a long time ago PT 2

Apartment hunting. 
Overdosing on poorly taken tourist photos. 
Discovering everything. 
The new car smell.
The beginning, the start, the 'everything's before you'
the what ifs and wanna-be possibilities

Looking back now, such a long time ago.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Such a long time ago PT 1

1. A photo I took of a random guy who gave me his number in Toulouse the very first time we went there for caramel vodka shots in our new Zara clothes, way back when I used to stay out past 12pm. He had a shaved head and talked spanish when I spoke barely any and I took more shots and ripped the paper in half.
2. Salmon and lime with vanilla and black sesame seeds from the best kept secret tapas bar in Ronda, our very first road trip ever. Back in the day when we were still shy about leaving Malaga and animals were still included in my diet.
3. Stevie. Stevie Wonder - this baby tiger looking thing my room mate Sabine had found abandoned in the hood of a car, a kitten just a few days old who I stayed up all night with feeding him with a little feeder tube of milk and wondering at how something could be so tiny and new.
4. Boiling a dozen eggs then spending the afternoon painting them all Easter-like for the giant feast where we bought about 50-75 euros worth of groceries for that one night.
5. Waking up after the first house party to our first house-warming "gift".

First semester - it feels like such a long time ago, doesn't it?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The only thing you know for sure

It's a big call but here it is, one of my favourite places I've been this year. The south coast of Portugal, the Algarve. The beaches of Arrifana and Monteclerigo, the rocky cliffs along Lagos, the lighthouse at Cabo de Sao Vicente and the learn-to-surf beaches of Sagres.

It seems like a lifetime ago now. Though that's how it's been this entire year, time stretching and ripping so far there's gaps of time where I can't place where I was or what I was doing. And trying to catch everyone up back home is a lost cause. It's been too long between drinks to be able to say what I've been doing, what's really been going on. More weeks away, more wine and stories, tapas and to-do-lists. There's been road trip after road trip, country after country, weeks away, classes missed, plans to make more plans.

It's the home-stretch, the final quarter. The sun still shines but there's a bite to the wind and a coolness in the air that was absent all of summer. Night eats more into the day sooner than I thought. I've had to buy stockings again and take out all blazers and jumpers. Looking back, it's coming full circle and it's scary. Scary to think of going home after a year away, scary to think that you'll fall apart because you've changed too much, scarier still to think things will go back to being the same.

But there's new plans and bigger dreams and the things that scared you before are childs' play now. You'll go back to tell them you know where your favourite place is in the world, to tell them you know what it's like to go cold at night in a foreign country without a place to stay, the sinking of your gut as you realise you missed your flight, the adrenaline rush of climbing a mountain, of getting to that lake, of stepping into that medieval castle hundreds of years old, of standing where leaders stood, where revolutionaries spoke, where reforms were made, regimes rose and fell, where history was made. And you'll always, always have that - whatever else comes after.