Saturday, May 19, 2012

You can't fail if you never give up

A lot can happen in a week. The last post I wrote about here was my reflection on a project that I saw as over before I really got it off the ground. Will Travel For Life was my big idea, the reality however was different. A week ago I was resigned to it's failure, hiding behind the notion that I had learned from it but that at least I tried. I was going to wrap up by making a concluding video of my regrettably small efforts but still being accountable for it's failure to launch. At least I gave it a go, right?

The real truth is that I hadn't given it a real go. These last couple of days have been a lesson in doubt, belief and vulnerability. As I wrote last week the cold truth that my own inaction and insecurities had set me back from really taking action, this week the encouragement, belief and confidence of friends and family around me have spurred me to action.

I thought, I've got an idea.
They said, You've got a great idea.
I worried, What if it doesn't work?
They said, You can make it work.
I agonised, What if I can't?
They said, You can - stop making excuses!
I asked in a small, scared voice, You think so?
They said simply, Yes.

So once again, plans have changed. They've gone from an almost year long silence and inaction to resignation about it's failure to renewed ideas, motivation and strategic, thoughtful planning.

I've got a great idea.
I can make it work.
I'll no longer make excuses.
I will get out of my own way.

I won't divulge too much of the details here but suffice to say the ball is rolling, once again. Apologies for stating I would release a final concluding video. However seeing as I am no longer concluding the campaign but starting afresh, expect better things than a one-off video. I've changed tact.

Where I was scared to talk about my project for fear of criticism, I'm beginning to seek out people who can look at my ideas and tell me what I'm not seeing. I had it all wrong. I was trembling in my boots wondering, 'What am I doing wrong?' instead of 'What can I do better?' It's that importance of asking the right questions coming around again. I was thinking about the wrong things. Nobody was worried about my own failure except me and nobody was going to be invested in my own successes but me. I needed to get out of my own way.

On a broader life-lesson kinda note (of the type if you've been reading this blog for a while you will have realised I have a certain fondness for) if you don't really try, you fail by default (see: J.K Rowling's Harvard Address on the Fringe Benefits of Failure).

You can't fail if you never give up.

This is a testament to having people around you that see things you can't see yourself. Covering my blind spot.

Thanks, friends.

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