Monday, June 18, 2012

What I'm Actually Doing

I write a lot on here about general issues that go on in this bizarre experiment of The Universe we call 'life'; I usually avoid specifics of what's actually going on with me despite the fact this is called Grace What Are You Doing. To rectify the possible misconception that my mind is constantly filled with deep reflections on the circumstances plaguing our generation, here's the low down on What I've Actually Been Doing.

I'm big on To Do Lists and before I even came back from Spain I had drafted a get-my-ass-into-gear-list that looked something like this:
- Get a job
- Get an internship
- Get involved in everything I could
- Be awesome at uni, (no more of this "Ps get Degrees" business)
- Keep practising Spanish
- Pay back the money I owed my parents
- Save money to go to South America

Second to soy chai lattes and free food samples there's nothing more satisfying than crossing off to-do-list items. I'm currently at a part-time job where I can listen to all the triple J and Spotify I want, wear pyjamas to work and enjoy the company of a furry four-legged colleague (the home-office dog, Louie). And did I mention it pays well enough that I can pay for a full tank of gas, eat out frequently and still have money to pay my parents? I am restraining myself from hashtagging "winning" here.

After 'Job' was ticked off came the internship. Last week was my first big day at the non-for-profit youth run organisation that is actually everything I never got but always wanted from my last 2 internships. It's a lot of responsibility, deep-end this-is-real responsibility - no coffee-runs or grunt work here (though, there is the occasional spreadsheet). It's a strange sensation to have so much motivation and drive to work for something you're not even getting paid for. Is that what it's like when you love your job? If so, why do people choose otherwise? Though now all I need to do is find a way to get paid for it..

The rest of the check list items are getting ticked off slowly. I've thrown myself into programs and projects that have me waking up at 2am to write down an idea I just thought of or turn on my laptop for the 5th time at the crack of dawn to send an email. All that idleness from the year-long European holiday has been replaced by a rapacious hunger for productivity. Who Am I??? Like they say - I can't go back to yesterday, I was a different person then.

Admittedly I haven't been practising my Spanish as much as I would like to be. Luckily foxtel allows me to series record Spanish News, there's also my new found love for Calle 13 a South American duo with real lyrical talent. Not to forget the Sydney Spanish Film Festival with hilarious movies like 'Chinese Take Away' or 'Un Cuento Chino'. For some real-life speaking there's the weekly intercambios with spanish speakers over drinks in the city. All that's missing is my attendance. It's a work in progress..

And then there's money, which I'm lucky and grateful isn't a big issue for me. The Bank of Mum & Dad have kindly allowed me to pay them back without interest in my own time. I have promptly informed them that the loan will not be paid back any time soon, but by the time it will I will probably need a new loan to fund my South America Adventure. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen but Money Management & Grace aren't fully acquainted yet so I'm playing it by ear.

So really that is What I'm Doing. Trying to keep my head above water with a lot of red wine, baked goods and great company. It's not a bad life and I do love the problems I have, if you can call them that. This is What I'm Doing - juggling a to-do-list with small rituals that involve lots of food, hot drinks and I'm going to write it again... red, red, wine.

Makes me wonder what other peoples To-Do Lists look like?


  1. Well said grace face. Good to see your literary intelligence is still in tact. Only a few suggestions...

    1. I was hoping to find "onesie" and "piano tunes" and "chillin with fave white chick" in the triple J part-time job section. Will let this one slide due to no mention of boss.

    2. Please specify when and where your red wine consuming occurs, otherwise I will presume more lies.

    3. More sarcasm please. I think you need practice.... *

    4. Louis gets agitated when his name is missplet**

    *elite sarcasm

  2. 1. I'm saving your activities for a whole segment on "chillin with fave white chick" that includes lunch times jumping on trampoline, yelling at louis* in spanish and making myself toast in your kitchen.
    2. The red wine consumption was on Friday night with the girls from Spain. And again last night possibly solo. (does that make me a lonely housewife?)
    3. Can't do sarcasm on a blog. When I win the Pulitzer Prize for 'Grace What Are You Doing' I'll have to live with the knowledge that they mistook my advanced sarcastic humour as literary genius. Who wants to live a life of lies?

    Over and out.

  3. I've been thinking along the same lines myself, Grace. In my blog, I write about thoughts and ideas but I'm not sure that it really reflects me real life. Like right now for example, I'm sitting on my bed writing. The "working day" is over, I'm supposed to be resting but my to do list is bursting! Might be time for me to do a 'reality check' style post.

    Congrats on the job, internship and all the other success ticking things off your list!


    1. You are definitely a busy lady! I admire your discipline in blogging and always have regular, interesting and thoughtful content everyday - honestly I do struggle to write on here at times! I am also a night owl the working day never ends... no rest for the wicked (and by wicked I mean young and ambitious!)