Monday, October 8, 2012

The Permission Slip

You're allowed to feel strange around
friends you used to get along with
and it's okay that things aren't the way
they used to always be

You're allowed to stop being able to relate
to shit that doesn't relate to you
because that's when you know
you've actually changed

You're allowed to have new kindred spirits
that get you, or the "new you"
the wanderlust and running away
and coming back all drops of jupiter

You're allowed to not know what the hell
you're doing, or meant to be doing
or where you'll be in five years
because five weeks months years is a long time

You're allowed to because
you can't even make a decision about
what to eat for lunch so it goes without saying
that you can't rush food life

You're allowed to be conflicted
because who the hell was born
knowing everything and what would
be the point in that anyway

What you're not allowed to do
is feel guilty about change
or try to camouflage your
dreams so they match the masses

Because you could be anywhere
with anyone, at anytime
so why would you copy
somebody else's answers

What you're allowed to do is
make your own mistakes and
be the mastermind of your rise
and your own breath-taking fall

You're allowed to try and fail
as long as you mute the
nagging voice in your head
that says you need approval

Because you don't
You have my permission
to kick ass in life

. inspired by this


  1. I like the comment, "Your not supposed to feel guilty about change."

    Good post.

  2. Great post! I like that expression "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission". I always thought that if I'm going to endlessly debate myself anyway, I might as well do it after the fact. One of the best compliments I got from a mate was "Some people think before they jump, you like to jump first then think about it for ages". Besides improvisation is fun.

    I'm with you, all green lights from me.