Monday, November 26, 2012

You can go home again

It's been over ten months since I've come home to Sydney. I didn't know before I came back if you can really go home again. Turns out, you can.

I thought I would be allergic to everything about my life before. I was anxious that I wouldn't be able to fit back into the life I used to have, the old routines, the long train rides and traffic, the monday mornings, part-time work and interning. I thought I'd be lost wandering through Sydney as if it were some awkward stranger, as if I couldn't live here anymore.

You can go home again. You appreciate it more, you know it better, you seek out what's changed and what has stayed the same with the eyes of a tourist coming here for the first time, with an added sense of de ja vu.

I love Sydney and its chai lattes, its abundance of all kinds of ethnic food, its weather - the thunderstorms and the thirty degree heat and the warm autumn days. And I've realised that I've brought the best parts of Spain back with me. Last year I was going on road trips with friends, hanging out at beaches, drinking lots of coffee and constantly, constantly eating out.

Not that much has changed. From exploring new eateries in Sydney, weekends away, thirsty thursdays and sangria saturdays the porque no? motto lives on. We empty bottle of champagnes to celebrate uni finishing, we talk politics and sexism over beer and wine happy hour and then cocktail happy hour at the uni bar. We are young and free and happy here in Sydney too.

Australia's a pretty damn great place to live. After couch surfing in Melbourne, road tripping to the Great Ocean Road and the upcoming trips over New Years to Peats Ridge Festival and Uluru with the family, perhaps even a sneaky Gold Coast trip to visit a friend - home acquires all kinds of charms when you've been away.

Our flora and fauna amazes me. Seriously, we have the weirdest freaking animals and plants. And they're all ours. The purple jacaranda trees, paper trees, gum trees, koalas, echidnas, wombats!! Desert and rocks and beaches galore. What is this weird island continent that I live on and why have I never seen it like this before?

You can go home again, you can always go home again - because absence does all kinds of crazy shit to your memory, it makes you fall in love with this place you knew all along, waking up one day after an overseas love affair and being completely taken in and enamoured with the friend you never noticed but who was always there.

Home is here, and knowing I can go away for a year and come back makes it feel Okay to leave. I can change and it can change but I will make my way back here, home will always be here. 

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