Sunday, March 3, 2013

We are all kites

It starts off innocently enough
a string and a rhombus and a stool
you unwind it, tentatively
you gauge the breeze
and let go

The kite seems doomed at first
but catches that sudden river of air
at the last second and
is at once drawn upward
until it dances in the sky

We are all kites
plummeting towards the earth
and straining to reach the sun
caught between the realm
of flying and of quiet rest
at the mercy of the wind

We are all kites
we weather the weather
and are caught often
in tree branches and telegraph poles
when we lose our way
or else are carried there
by a force of air
we had resigned ourselves to

We are all kites
and we discern which winds are best for us
the hot wind that moves quickly
but leaves us suspended
or that whisper of a breeze
where falling seems probable
too weak to carry us far

We are all kites
and are still navigating the stars
the wind, the sun, the string
that marries us forever to this world
no matter how high we fly
or how much it shrinks from us

We are all kites
waiting for that magic wind
that will take us where we want to go
when or if or after
we figure out where that is
we will fly and plummet and
entangle ourselves over and over
because we are all
yes we are all

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