Monday, April 1, 2013

This is why I don't do drugs

I manufacture my highs
in the meth-lab of my mind
that is always pushing
and being pushed
by my irreverence
for stability

I am at war
with the peace piece of the world
I have been placed
there is no need for restraint
no need for thugs
I am the source
I don't need your drugs

I am overstimulated
my irises are wide
my life dilated
I am scared to blink
scared to let possibility
fly by ingratiated

I am an addict of experience
hungry for fire
to light up fast and let it burn
this is why I don't do drugs
I am the drug, I am the yearn

I compose my own escape song
to run in ovals or odd shapes
that make no sense, lest I
fall prey to comfort
or take a breath of idleness
or be seduced by sleep
my mind alters and falters
of its own accord

I do not abuse substances
because I am too busy
attempting to define it
tame it, put it in a glass jar
with a label on it
that reads
"What are you made of?"
I answer

I am the high
I am the low
I am the lull
I am the blow
I am the crest
I am the worst
I am the best
I am the first
I am the drugs
I do not take
I am what keeps
myself awake

I am why
I am I
I am why I don't do drugs


  1. Makes me think of the Sage Francis line:
    "Drugs wont get my thoughts running,
    I need them to make thoughts stop coming"

  2. it is a bit like that, who needs drugs when you have neurosis right? or just a brain that runs a million miles an hour