Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today I do

Today the clock is running out of days
the little hand is spinning
and that retro alarm clock
by my bed counts like seconds
all of the weeks that grow wings
and fly by, bye bye

Tomorrow I will get out of bed
on the other side of the ocean
and breathe in the day
and breathe out sleep
while you breathe in the night
and breathe out awake

Today I play hide and seek with memory
it is nimble and young
and knows all the best places to hide
I try and catch it but I am slow
and tired of chasing yesterdays
The rent is up on my cubby house of dreams
I have been excised from my treehouse
and must move out, up, into the world
where all the foxes and bears
and yellow eyed bushes live

Tomorrow I will not wander wonder
or miss you
or remember
or kiss you
but today I do

Today I wonder
and miss you
and remember
and kiss you

Tomorrow I will have forgotten
all that happened today
but remember it all, why today I do

* * *

The events on my calendar have been quickly ticked off,    
swimming in rivers for New Years, 
playing house in Byron Bay,
even that time we went to to Uluru,
have all disappeared and
it's so close to Goodbye time again. 
The year has somehow gotten away from us and it's almost a third of the way through.
How did that happen? What sneaky thief stole all those summer days?
Graduation's here, a visit from my best friend and then .....
Well, and then?.............!!! 
49 days.


  1. The moment is our only friend. Playing hide and seek with memory reminds me of 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. Though I trust it was a nod to that.

  2. that's a great film, I totally agree the now is all we have and it's best to limit the nostalgia and future-planning... but it's so damn addictive!