Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Before sunrise, Before sunset

The secret in that curve
the detour from the frown
apparitions of some forget-me-not
a postcard that returns like a boomerang
and hits you hard, curving, spinning
until it is caught on your lips
the shy outline of a smile
that holds the before sunrise
the before sunset
the before midnight
of a memory

glorious mirages of perhaps
a projection or a hologram
or a sketch that your desire drew
with dark shadows where the mystery lies
and quick, lascivious strokes
imaginings of love
the heirloom of so many
romantics past
whose ideas you plagiarise
and claim as your own
you are captain cook
and you have just discovered
a place to store the convicts of your heart
where you can unleash them from their chains
and brand your name on its earth

you and grace
grace and you
the name and never the lyrics
of that buckley song
that swedish guy sung
when you told him who you were

so you walk the lanes of your past
the alleyways where you exchanged
more than just introductions
or the verandah of rehearsed lines
that you still fell for, while you knew
you were falling

and the guy from the overnight train
who smuggled cartons of cigarettes
through borders, walked you quietly
to your hostel and said to drop by his restaurant
all day you dawdled past
the waiters and the cobble stones
and the tourists with their sunglassed eyes
hoping he would be there

no names now
no numbers now
just that boomerang smile
that hits you
every now and then
on a train
or in a lane
by an alleyway
and sitting on a verandah
when the hands rewind

before sunset
before sunrise
old time grows young again
behind those moonshine eyes


  1. can't wait for 'Before Midnight'

  2. me too! Before Sunrise makes me so nostalgic, Before Sunset makes me want to scream "EXACTLY!" and Julie Delpy is incredible.

  3. The thought of screaming "Exactly" to Before Sunset upsets me ;)
    Before Midnight has the potential to crush me.