Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Graduation Day

All the feathers in the world
are not congratulations enough
nor the champagne or 2pm tequila shots
that taste like so many end of essay thursdays
enough to conciliate the student within you
that can't help but ask, is this it?
once more, with feeling
is THIS it?
this is it?

why didn't anybody tell me!
piece of day old cake
slice of life's jokes
knock knock who's here? there?
we're not anywhere yet
and that's the punchline

still, well, still
your day is a palindrome of
smile, sigh, drink, sigh, smile
a canteen sandwich of
drink, smile, drink
a morning tea routine of
sigh, drink, sigh

the future and all that
but first - champagne! 
and second and third and fourth

the sentence of your life is punctuated
by these moments
a semicolon, a hyphen, an ellipsis
where you are waiting for the champagne
and drinking the champagne
and wondering, yet again, when is it time to drink champagne?

today, yes today,
is a champagne day
so punctuate it
with an exclamation mark
because the next mark is a question

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