Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Maybe, Possibly, OK why not.

I want to go everywhere and see everything. I am getting have always been greedy with my travel dreams and bucket lists. It's not enough that I've been where I've been or seen what I've seen, I want more and need more places and people and experiences.

My to do list expands and engulfs even my have-done lists. I am all exhausted sighs and hurried breath, longing for all the road trips I have not done and the places I have already fallen in love with that I am yet to meet face to face. I am spurred on by the people I have already met and the promise of everything they love already.

To go back to Europe again. To go to North America. To travel South America. To return to the country I was born and learn the languages of my own people. To learn Tagalog and Ilocano and Portuguese and French and Arabic. To get a real job in Australia. To do all of the things that I am dreaming of while being in the place I dreamt of being.

Restlessness. Possibility? Chronic dissatisfaction Possibility? Maybe, Possibly, Ok why not? 

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